Home Comfort Advisor

New music for choir. Your new, smart home.
Presented by Amadeus Choir.

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Enjoy the four movements of Home Comfort Advisor! Click each product photo below to listen to the different sections.

I. Arm! Alarm! Restore!

Welcome to Arm! Alarm! Restore! Quigital’s premiere, personalized pavane experience. Quigital_AI and Amadeus Choir have teamed up, with each musician setting and singing their own uniquely generated smart home text.

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Quigital Camera—Snow White

II. Home Comfort Advisor

Welcome to Home Comfort Advisor! Let Amadeus Choir and Quigital bring personalized smart home comforts to your life. In this experience, Quigital_AI’s smart home text has been set in a relaxing imitative polyphonics style with customizable SSAATB versions.

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Business people in a meeting

III. Exit Time Into Schedule

Quigital_AI’s machine learning texts take a melancholy turn with Exit Time Into Schedule. Amadeus Choir’s work from home rhythmic speech provides the backbone for a swirling cloud of physically distanced, machine learning emotion.

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People in a conference room

IV. Your Smart Home

At Quigital, our goal was to collaborate with Amadeus Choir and build something that could only be realized by connecting the voices of every individual through our “work from home” platform. Quigital is proud of what we have achieved together, and Your Smart Home celebrates the new connections we have made.

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V. Need Help?

Connect with us now! Our Home Comfort Advisors are ready to assist you.

Home Comfort Advisor: Presented by Amadeus Choir.

Founded in 1974, the Amadeus Choir is a nationally recognized, semi-professional chorus known for championing Canadian work, performing masterworks, and partnering with top Canadian artists to create inspiring, uplifting, and profound choral experiences.

Photo of Amadeus Choir
Mirror reflections of Home Comfort Advisor

What is Home Comfort Advisor?

Home Comfort Advisor is a new musical work for choir, inspired by Quigital’s new smarthome product line. You can find links to each section of the piece above. We suggest using headphones or a quality stereo for the best experience. HCA is a collaboration between Amadeus Choir and the Quigital Team.

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Who is Quigital?

Quigital is an artist collective that explores the absurdity of corporate aesthetics and culture through interactive art. To learn more about the creation of this piece, click below.