Experience personalized Amadeus Choir with Relaxing Imitative Polyphony™

Welcome to Home Comfort Advisor! Let Amadeus Choir and Quigital bring personalized smart home comforts to your life. In this experience, Quigital_AI’s smart home text has been set in a relaxing imitative polyphonics style with customizable SSAATB versions. Make sure to watch the tutorial video before you get started creating your personalized experience.


  • Hit the Big Green Button to start the app.
  • Click on tiles to toggle voices on and off, and create your personalized version of Home Comfort Advisor.
  • Need Help? Watch the tutorial video to enjoy a ready-made version of Home Comfort Advisor.

Personalized Edition

Tutorial Video

Key Features:

  • The imitative polyphony in Home Comfort Advisor is based on Quigital’s patented three note sound brand.
  • Home Comfort Advisor’s relaxing counterpoint includes imitative polyphonic modules invertible at the octave, 5th, 10th and 6th.
  • Multiple cadence types are included for your enjoyment. Can you identify the phrygian, or the plagal extension?
  • The Home Comfort Advisor App allows you to experience contrasting vocal relationships provided by Amadeus Choir’s work from home recordings.