What is the status of YOUR digital panic room?

Welcome to Arm! Alarm! Restore! Quigital’s premiere, personalized pavane experience. Quigital_AI and Amadeus Choir have teamed up, with each musician setting and singing their own uniquely generated smart home text.


  • Hit the Big Green Button to start the app.
  • Listen to the Quick Setup Guide
  • Explore new pavane sections with the “See Next Models” button. Each click will provide a new mixture of Amadeus voices to enjoy!

Key Features:

  • Quigital_AI has learned to rhyme, and has composed 70 unique texts from ten thousand pages of smart home manuals.
  • Arm! Alarm! Restore! Is modeled on “Belle qui tiens ma vie” by Jean Taburot(1520 - 1595).
  • Amadeus choir’s work from home version celebrates diverse home acoustics and recording setups. Use the “Configuration” section to access this feature.