Harness the intensely relaxing energy of Your Smart Home, powered by Amadeus Choir!


  • Watch the video below.
  • For best results, listen on a full resolution or headphones.


At Quigital, our goal was to collaborate with Amadeus Choir and build something that could only be realized by connecting the voices of every individual through our “work from home” platform. From the birth of the choral tradition to the physically distant 21st century, the power of choral music remains in the connected hearts and voices of each member of the community. Quigital is proud of what we have achieved together, and Your Smart Home celebrates the new connections we have made.

Key Features:

  • 40+ hours of rendering time
  • Intensely relaxing smart home energy
  • Alternate modes provide feelings of connectedness and relaxation
  • Culmination of Quigital_AI’s hopes and dreams