Quigital is an artist collective that explores the absurdity of corporate aesthetics and culture through interactive art. With slick, corporate visuals, innovative technological approaches, and engaging interactive components, the Quigital team puts forth a thoughtful critique of the capitalist relationship between corporations and their consumers.

About Home Comfort Advisor

Home Comfort Advisor is a multi-movement work for socially distanced choir. Team Quigital’s goal was to collaborate with Amadeus Choir in a way that fully embraces the working from home aesthetic. Even though these works can be performed live, the online content examines and celebrates the distinctive opportunities provided when creating from home. We have been working to create something that is best experienced online, together, harnessing the tremendous power of Amadeus Choir.

Each movement of Home Comfort Advisor was created from the ground up with interactivity in mind, both from the choir and from the audience. From the hilarious embedded tech support videos (click: get help), to the personalized audio playback, individual interaction is a thread that runs through the work.

Collaborating with a choir both as individuals and as a whole has been an exciting challenge. Renaissance polyphonic style, hyper-produced youtube acapella esthetics, personalized disconnection videos are some of the tools we’ve used to celebrate the distinctive colour and character of each voice, while at the same time bringing them together as a unit.

Machine learning systems are the backbone of Home Comfort Advisor’s text. The sometimes incomprehensible, humorous, and somehow poignant lyrics are intended to capture the dehumanizing digital stress of 2020/2021.

We hope that the technological and artistic richness of Home Comfort Advisor resonates with users in a multitude of ways, giving salience to vivid yet shared experiences of this challenging time in our collective history.

About Amadeus Choir

Founded in 1974, the Amadeus Choir is a nationally recognized, semi-professional chorus known for championing Canadian work, performing masterworks, and partnering with top Canadian artists to create inspiring, uplifting, and profound choral experiences.